We’ve been called “The Cadillac of iPad holders” and a “Must-have case” for producing iPad video.  See what writers, bloggers and other leaders in the tech space have to say about Padcaster.

Review: The Padcaster and the Rode Grip+
The Padcaster Review
Padcaster iPad case review

“Goes beyond being a simple tripod mount, letting you attach other crucial video production accessories to its frame. If you’re serious about producing videos with an iPad, the Padcaster is a must-have case.”

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Padcaster and Lenscaster streamline iPad video production workflow

"Anyone who is interested in using an iPad for filmmaking or broadcasting should consider getting the Padcaster. It’s a brilliantly conceived and well-built accessory that should be extremely popular with the video and filmmaking crowd."

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At A Glance: The Padcaster

“...for those who want to get decent video without investing resources into a new DSLR (not to mention accessories), the Padcaster is a terrific solution for iPad owners.”

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