Transform your iPad into a professional DIY video production studio

Padcaster Wide Lens
Padcaster XP-38 LED
Padcaster Shotgun Mic
Padcaster Stick Mic Kit
Padcaster Lav Mic
Dual Mic/ Headphone Jack
VT-16 Fluid Head Tripod
Padcaster Green Screen
Mini Teleprompter
Padcaster Backpack
Three Piece Clamp System

Padcaster Ultimate Studio

Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite with the Padcaster Ultimate Studio and make filming your projects a breeze.

From creating high-quality content for your website to producing webinars, live-streams, events, video depositions or video lawyer bios, the Padcaster replaces the need for expensive, external video production crews. The Ultimate Studio gives you the power to take charge of your in-house production on a device you already know and love.

Padcaster Ultimate Studio includes your choice of Padcaster with all three of our microphones – the YT-1300 Shotgun mic, Padcaster Stick Mic Kit and Padcaster Lavalier mic! Also included are the dual mic/headphone splitter, .45x wide angle lens, the rugged Padcaster VT-16 Tripod, XP-38 LED Light, a 5’x7’ portable Green Screen with carry case, the Padcaster Mini Teleprompter and a padded Camera Backpack to store all of your gear!

The Ultimate Studio is your team’s “in-house” counsel for making great video!

$1344.88 $1,299.99


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Professional Services


Law firms and corporations all over the world have embraced Padcaster as a way to simplify in-house video production  without sacrificing quality.  From sales teams and HR departments to CEOs and Senior Partners, Padcaster has demystified professional video and made it easier than ever to make great content.

Here is just one example of how a Chicago law firm benefits from Padcaster.


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