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Padcaster Wide Lens
Padcaster XP-38 LED
Padcaster Shotgun Mic
Dual Mic/ Headphone Jack
Padcaster Stick Mic Kit
Padcaster Lav Mic
Three Piece Clamp System
VT-16 Fluid Head Tripod
Padcaster Backpack

Padcaster Mobile Journalism Studio

Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile journalism powerhouse with the Padcaster Studio.

Use the Padcaster Journalism Studio to shoot, edit, livesteam, and share your footage all from your iPad. From shooting that great news piece on the go, to streaming live at the touch of a button, the Padcaster Journalism Studio captures professional content anywhere the story takes you.

Padcaster Journalism Studio includes your choice of Padcaster with all three of our microphones – the YT-1300 Shotgun mic, Padcaster Stick Mic Kit and Padcaster Lavalier mic!  Also included are the dual mic/headphone splitter, .45x wide angle lens, the rugged Padcaster VT-16 Tripod, XP-38 LED Light  and a padded Camera Backpack to store all of your gear!

Capture the moment with the Padcaster Journalism Studio!



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Capture the story on-the-go with the Padcaster. No longer in need of large crews or satellite trucks, journalists are using Padcaster to take their reporting mobile. The Padcaster allows journalists to capture professional video content on their iPad with ease.

For example, students at Stony Brook University School of Journalism used Padcaster to transform their iPad into a satellite truck to report live.


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