How A Bootstrapped Idea Made It Onto Apple's Online Store

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Padcaster iPad case review

“Goes beyond being a simple tripod mount, letting you attach other crucial video production accessories to its frame. If you’re serious about producing videos with an iPad, the Padcaster is a must-have case.”

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Padcaster transforms your iPad into a portable production studio: An Apple World Today Top Pick

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Padcaster and Lenscaster streamline iPad video production workflow

"Anyone who is interested in using an iPad for filmmaking or broadcasting should consider getting the Padcaster. It’s a brilliantly conceived and well-built accessory that should be extremely popular with the video and filmmaking crowd."

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At A Glance: The Padcaster

“...for those who want to get decent video without investing resources into a new DSLR (not to mention accessories), the Padcaster is a terrific solution for iPad owners.”

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Product Review: The Padcaster & Lenscaster
ProVideo Coalition

“Whatever creative use you may have for your iPad in production, the Padcaster will definitely make it easier to use all-around. It’s easier to hold and transport in a bag without fear of it getting crushed or shattered if you drop it off a crate.”

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Padcaster iPad case: add DSLR glass to your tablet's camera (hands-on)
The Verge

“All said and done, it makes for a pretty great solution for shooting quick video. You can record video, edit in your favorite app, and then quickly share and upload the final product.”

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The Padcaster Review
Gadget Review

“The Padcaster turns the iPad from an underutilized camera device into a sophisticated camera system. $149 was never so well spent.”

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The Padcaster Review
Mac Life

“All in all, the Padcaster is a versatile, lightweight accessory for anyone using an iPad to create podcasts or even shoot short films, music videos, and other content.”

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Padcaster Helps Users Shoot Better Video With Their iPads
GottaBe Mobile

“The best thing about the Padcaster is that it will allow you to add better optics for your video recordings, including the use of higher quality lenses, optical zoom lenses, and wide angle lenses.”

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Padcaster Product Review
MindShare Learning

"If you’re looking for this kind of a simple solution that takes all of the ‘clutter’ of video and audio recording away and reduces it to a simply experience, then The Padcaster is a no-brainer."

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How to Turn Your iPad Into the Ultimate Video Rig

“Padcaster/iPad combo could be an invaluable combo for shooting, editing and distributing polished videos remotely, on the fly.”

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The Padcaster: The Cage That (iPad) Filmmakers Dream About

"This is an excellent accessory that covers all its bases and makes for a brilliant idea that a lot of filmmakers, hobbyists and professionals, would enjoy."

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