The Padcaster (Mini 1-3)

The Padcaster (Mini 1-3)



The Padcaster transforms your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio that is rugged, elegant and versatile so you can create professional quality video content that inspires. With the included wide-angle lens, Padcaster shotgun microphone and dual mic/headphone cable, all you need is an iPad and your imagination. Use with your favorite apps to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly – or stream live right from the iPad.

Includes: Padcaster Mini Case; Lens Bracket with 72-58mm step-down ring; .45 wide-angle lens, Padcaster YT-1300 unidirectional microphone; Dual mic and headphone cable; Four (4) lens bracket mounting screws; One (1) custom camera cage screw; One (1) cold shoe adapter.

Compatible with iPad mini 1, mini 2 & mini 3


Insert (Mini)

Frame (Mini)

Lens Bracket (Mini)

1/4-20 Screws

3/8-16 Screws

Custom Camera Mount Screw

Cold Shoe Adapter

A extra Cold Shoe Adapter is just what you need to attach those extra accessories. Grab a cold one!

Padcaster Wide Lens


Padcaster's .45x wide angle lens dramatically increases the iPad's field of view. The 58mm rear thread means it attaches directly to the Padcaster lens bracket, and you can use additional 62 filters in front of the lens as well. Unscrew the front portion of the lens and it becomes a macro lens for close-up focus and a simple way to achieve a shallow depth of field.

Padcaster Shotgun Mic


Padcaster's YT-1300 is a broadcast-quality condenser shotgun microphone. Adjust for both loud and soft sound sources with the three position level control with stops at -10dB, 0dB and +10dB of gain, and eliminate ‘rumble’ using the two step high pass filter with 80hz and flat positions. The YT-1300's integrated sturdy ‘shock mount’ with hot-shoe adapter and included windscreen are ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions, either locked down on a tripod or hand-held on-the-fly. Requires a 9Volt battery (Not Included)

Dual Mic/ Headphone Jack

Padcaster's dual microphone/headphone cable is a simple, professional way to connect your microphone to the iPad. One end is a MALE TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) and connects to the iPad's headphone/mic port. The other end splits into a 3.5mm (mini) stereo heaphone jack and a 3.5mm (mini) microphone input so you can record and monitor your sound at the same time.

Product Description

Featured in Apple’s “Your Verse” international advertising campaign for the original iPad Air, as well as the iPad Air 2 “Change” campaign, and Visa’s “Visa Checkout” campaign, The Padcaster is a patented, rugged multifunctional iPad case that transforms the iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio. The Padcaster enables consumers to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly – or stream live right from the iPad. More than an innovative way to mount an iPad to a tripod, The Padcaster transforms the iPad into an all-in-one production tool.

The Padcaster Mini is designed to dramatically improve the quality of video made on an iPad mini. A complete solution, The Padcaster Mini includes a wide angle lens, unidirectional microphone, dual microphone/headphone jack and a .45 wide angle lens.

Padcaster’s commercial-grade aluminum frame has 24 standard 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes around the edges for attaching external microphones, lights and other accessories. This allows for greater creative control over filming. A sturdy urethane insert allows the iPad mini to fit securely into the frame. The Padcaster Mini can also be attached to any standard tripod, monopod or shoulder mount using the steel-reinforced tripod thread and locking-pin hole. By removing the insert, you can use the frame as a DSLR or GoPro cage for added versatility.

The included lens bracket has a built-in 72mm thread and comes with a 72-58mm step-down ring that allows you to attach wide or telephoto lenses with rear threads of 72mm or 58mm. A cold shoe adapter for accessories like LED lights and microphones is also included, as well as a special camera mount screw for using the frame as a DSLR of GoPro cage.

The Padcaster Mini also comes with our unidirectional microphone and windscreen to ensure your subject can be heard above the crowd; a dual microphone/headphone jack to monitor your recordings live; and our .45 wide angle lens to get a broader view.

-Commercial grade aluminum frame with 24 standard 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes around the edges
-Steel-reinforced tripod thread and locking pin hole allow you to connect it to a tripod, monopod or shoulder mount
-Urethane insert allows a secure fit for iPad mini
-Remove the insert to use the Padcaster frame as a DSLR or GoPro cage
-Lens bracket allows you to attach a variety of lenses
-Complete solution includes unidirectional microphone and windscreen, dual microphone/headphone jack, .45 wide angle lens, cold shoe adapter and camera mount screw
-Compatible with iPad mini 1,2,3


In the Box:

Aluminum Frame
Urethane Insert
Lens Bracket
72-58mm Step-Down Ring
4 x Hand-Tightening Lens Bracket Mounting Screws
Custom Camera Mount Screw
Cold Shoe Adapter
Unidirectional Microphone and windscreen
Dual Microphone/Headphone Jack
.45 Wide Angle Lens
Quick Start Guide


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 8 in
Shoot • Edit • Share